About Us


Makino was founded by internationally renown sushi chef Kaku Makino. After decades of practicing the art of Japanese cuisine, Makino has developed the highest standards for buffet-style dining, with a beautiful atmosphere, friendly staff, and quality that transcends expectations.

By only using the finest of ingredients and the utmost care in crafting its authentic cuisine, Makino distinguishes itself as the only gourmet Japanese sushi and seafood buffet in town. Makino continues to be owned and operated its original founder and his team of world-class Japanese chefs.

Our unparalleled selection is beyond description... crabs, oysters, shrimps, traditional sushi, nigiri, udon, ramen, not to mention authentic Japanese salads and delectable desserts... words cannot do justice to the smorgasbord of delightful delicacies.


Japanese-born, Kaku Makino began his restaurant career at a catering company in Tokyo Japan. Over the next 15 years, he gained valuable experiences, often serving more than 2000 dishes a day. After a two year journey of visiting countless restaurants in US, he established “Todai” and made it an overnight success.

By franchising the “All-You-Can-Eat” Asian fusion restaurant over the next decade, it grew to over 15 branches in the US. Starting in 1999, he began opening a more upscale chain of restaurants dedicated to serving higher quality selections, with an added array of fresh original desserts.

  • 1987 - Open Todai in Santa Monica. Over next 10 years, established 15 branches in US
  • 1999 - Grand Opening Makino Decatur in Las Vegas
  • 2004 - Open Makino at Premium Outlets in Las Vegas
  • 2016 - Open Makino Puente Hills in City of Industry